"I wish I had something lofty to say about my work - something about developing a pictorial language, or perhaps exploring the human condition. Maybe it is all of that, I don't know. What I think I am doing is just attempting to capture moods, the way I feel in a moment. My pictures are hazy and indistinct, like thoughts that arise and pass away. I am not sure if they mean anything."


"What I want is to create textures, to place a line or color where it seems to belong, to add something recognizable when it feels right, and to avoid it when it does not. I enjoy the little accidents that happen when paint touches canvas just right, or a charcoal or brushstroke just 'works' on the surface of paper."


"The titles of my paintings often come from songs I am listening to while I work. I enjoy using music to influence my feelings as I paint, but not necessarily for literal inspiration."

"As for my own 'music' compositions, I am simply trying to create an ambience that will compliment my visual work. The end result should be a unified aural/visual experience. I have chosen the project name Cwmwl (pronounced similarly to the word cumulus without the -us), which is Welsh for 'cloud'".

Cale Jones is a self-taught artist living in Nashville, Tennessee.

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